Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Operation House

Back to Operation House...busy busy busy. The CDR( short for Commander...I'm getting tired of spelling it out all the time..LOL) worked some more on the outside trim and stuff. My job was to sit out there with him and 'watch' in case he fell and cracked his skull open. Fun! NOT! I did get some sun though....and got to read for a while. It sure beat having to paint inside...although I did do some of that later..........
It was a little scary watching him up there......We also put Genius Boy to work this week.....painting his room. Now, he didn't pick that green....this used to be the Co-eds Room. When we added the garage addition we built her a new room over the garage...this room was going to become my craft room , but then Genius Boy asked to moved back home so we let him have this room.

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