Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VA Tech

Right after the Orientation at JMU we headed over to Christiansburg to help pack up the Co-eds apartment. And clean for move out day. She is moving into a different apartment with different room-mates. She only has one more semester left before graduation. I can't believe she'll be graduating from College!!!

We stopped at Texas SteakHouse( not to be confused with Texas RoadHouse) and let me tell you the service SUCKED(excuse my language) Our waiter was horrible.....it took forever for him to come get our drink orders. In the meantime he stopped by the table right behind us and chatted THEM up no less than 3 times...all the while never stopping by OUR table. When he finally came over to us for our drink order he apologized and claimed there was some kind of 'issue' he was dealing with in the back...well....it certainly didn't seem like any issues while he was chatting up the people behind us???? Then there were a bunch of other little things thruout the meal. First he asks IF we want bread....well yeah....isn't that kind of a given? then later he asked if we'd like MORE bread...we said yes....he said he'd be right back with it....well.....we never got MORE bread....by the time he finally came back about the bread we didn't want it anymore...anyway it wasn't a pleasant experience ..we were tired and hungry from our long day. I had just driven 2 hours after having been at JMU all day.
See how excited the girls are to be there???

This was the 'reality"............

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