Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day Four

The next morning started out with that bit of "family drama" I mentioned earlier...but as I said when you are camping with about 30 or 40 of your closest relatives it's bound to happen. It was quickly forgotten and a bunch of us headed over to another Winery for some more Wine Tasting and Buying...Yes it's Sunday Morning but hey....we're it's fine!LOL

Afterwards we headed over to WhiteFish Dunes to spend some time on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Then a few of us took the trail.....
We all worked up quite and appetite so we stopped over at the Hilltop Dairy for Lunch and Ice Cream....apparently they provide the Dairy for Land O Lakes......who knew?
a family portrait....I guess there's Two Pictures of me afterall........there I am in the black and white...hmmmmmmm...NO....not THAT one!!!That evening we had a small gift exchange....the 'theme' for that weekend was Christmas in we had a gift exchange.....we played a game where when it was your turn you could either choose a new gift or steal from someone else....if yours got stolen you could then either pick new or steal as gift could be stolen more than 3 times.....I ended up with a cute green and pink pen.which I stole from SIL....CDR stole this really cool car was popular....but since his steal was the 3rd one no one could steal it from him....LOL
There was much wine drinking that evening as the Sheephead tournament progressed( don't's some weird game CDR's family LOVES to play....I have never been able to figure it out and no longer have any desire to play)After much wine drinking a wrestling match broke out between CDR and his little sister...she tried to steal his really cool car mug......he eventually won...but she really gave him a run for his money....she used to be a Marine....

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