Friday, April 03, 2009

Home at Last

Hey all...I'm baaaccckk...from my trip to Florida and Mississippi. It was a good trip. I haven't uploaded the rest of the pics yet so those will have to wait. Got Co-ed settled into her new place..then we spent a week in Biloxi with my family. I also spent a few days in SC visiting my Brother on my way home. It was a great visit all around but I am sooooooo glad to be back at home.

and.....tomorrow the Commander is coming in for a short visit!! Yay!!!

We are trading vehicles.....he origionally took his cute little Merzedes convertable with him. But now that we have a new house up there that needs a LOT of rennovating....he wants the pickup . So he's driving down with his brother. They will pickup the truck and a trailor we have and a bunch of his tools...and leave me the cute car. Still not sure when I'll ever get to move up there. Right now the house is pretty much torn apart. He just got the Permits for remodeling and will be able to start on it as soon as he gets back up there. I'm hoping I can at least visit at the end of the month. Then I'll have to be back to move Drama Teen out of the Dorms for the summer.

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