Tuesday, April 28, 2009


On Saturday Shelly Courington passed away. She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer February of last year and lost her battle this past Saturday. Her family has set up a Memorial for her on the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund website. Click over to read about Shelly, and possibly make a donation.

She really was an awesome person. I first met Shelly back in 92 when her husband was stationed in Bangor Washington on the USS Georgia with Commander. They were Junior Lieutenants back then. She'd just had her first son, Jake and loved being a 'mom' . She was the most friendly , open person I'd met so far. Her family and her friend Joni's family moved into our neighborhood and she brought me into the fold. Joni's husband was also a Junior Lieutenant on the Georgia and they also had a young child. We spent a lot of time together with our kids while our husband's were deployed.

One of my fondest memories is when the three of us flew to Hawaii( without kids!!) to meet up with our hubbies who were pulling into port during a deployment. We all had such a blast. I remember the first morning after our hubbies pulled into port. Our guys had to go to 'work' all day and had to go in early...I had EVERY intention of rolling over and sleeping in....like WAAAYYYY in.( I was the mother of 4 YOUNG children and was looking forward to a whole week of SLEEPING IN) ...only problem was I couldn't...try as I might I just could NOT sleep in.....and neither could Shelly....she called me up shortly after our husbands took off for the Sub, oh maybe 6:30, wanting to know what I was doing....I told her I had meant to sleep in but just couldn't...so she suggested we hit the beach....by 7:00am we were frolicking in the Ocean with Joni( who ALSO couldn't 'sleep in".) after a couple hours of beach fun we headed over to the Hale Koa Hotel(Military Hotel-Joni was staying there and the facilities are open to ALL military , whether they are staying there or not) We hung by the pool all day sipping Mai Tais and Pina Coladas...Then spent the late afternoon shopping in Waikiki.....

On another Evening we all went to a Luau with our hubbies....afterwards Steve and Shelly came with CDR and I to go Clubbing......after being denied at Chevy's because Steve was wearing Flip Flops.. we finally made it to what initially seemed like a nice little club......well............once we go inside it was a bit of a shock.....we'd inadvertently ended up in a headbanger type place...our waitress had piercing all over....handcuffs haning from her spiked belt....and sound of Metalica and Pearl Jam were resonating off the walls...LOL.....ok now some of you might be thinking,huh, what's wrong with that? ..but .....you HAVE to know CDR....he is soooooooooooo NOT a headbanger type person...and here we were...a bunch of fuddy duddy's in Hawaiian Shirts and sarongs......there was a two drink minimum to get in ..so we couldn't just leave...we all had a great laugh over that( although I think Steve and Shelly really weren't that out of their elements there...LOL)

This was one of the BEST vacations I'd ever had....then again it was only of the ONLY vacations I'd ever really had.......

Another memory I have is when Shelly hosted one of those "Intimates" type parties.....I brought my mom...hooo boy...was that an interesting night......

One of the 'games' was to see how 'well' we all knew Shelly.....the Consultant asked all kinds of 'personal' questions about Shelly....multiple choice...the one with the most correct would win....well......who won? MY MOM!! and she'd never even MET her...LOL
Mom won a wonderful bag full of little Penis Pencil Erasers( wonder what EVER happened to those???) of course now I'll probably get spam comments because I typed the word PENIS up there...LOL

Any way Shelly was just this really awesome , great person. Always doing for others...always lifting you up...pulling you in. She had the most awesome SMILE and used it often. I don't think I ever saw her without that HUGE grin. I just still can't believe it all.

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