Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Food/Excercise Journal

Woke up groggily again today. Not sure what is going on the last few nights I've had restless sleep. I didn't get up until after 9:00am today...and I had to drag myself out of bed, mainly because the cat was bugging me for breakfast...LOL


Had a homemade version of a ham, egg, and cheese was pretty good. Whole Wheat Roll, 2 thin slices of Honey Ham, 1 egg, and half a slice of Colby Jack. I had a banana and some Bavarian Mixed Berry Tea with one tsp. sugar.

I plan to do the Yoga Workout at 12:30 when it comes on....

Namaste Yoga Workout. And I did my 10 push ups for the day. (forgot to do them yesterday)

Making sure to drink my water thruout the day.....

Had a Lunch of Miso Soup, Apple Slices(half an apple) with Honey/Cinnamon/Peanut Butter (just mixed a heaping TBSP of PB with about a tsp or so of Honey and a tsp or so of Cinnamon)Dip, and two small slices of Havarti with Dill. And more water.

Here is my honey. A got it from a good friend of mine. Her husband started Beekeeping recently, and this was from their first batch. I'm getting low though....yikes.....need to see if I can get more. Maybe she can ship to Wisconsin?The weather has turned a bit chilly and drab....I think I'll just spend the day inside....decluttering...see if I can get a few more bags to take to Goodwill. Catch up on some reading.

The weather actually made a turn for the better and got a little I decided to head outside afterall and do some reading out on the balcony. Listened to the 'Tropicana" Channel on I could feel I was sitting by a pool on a Balmy Tropical's was very 'latin' and I enjoyed much so that after my reading on the deck I couldn't help but salsa dance around my bedroom for a good 20 minutes....I had a blast!!! LOL


I'm a little hungry now, so I figured I should have a snack....I was going to have some yummy Ice Cream I bought for myself yesterday...but decided to save it for tonight after dinner. So I'm haivng a thick slice of pound cake and a few Blackberries....with more water of course!


Dinner-Baked Chicken, Leftover Amish Potato Salad, and two Campari Tomatoes. I ate a little too feeling stuffed now.

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