Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Market Again

The new Realtor came by today to take pics for our 'new' listing. So, I spent most of my day sprucing things up around here....making sure everything looked clean and neat and as uncluttered as possible. Everything must have been good because he didn't ask me to move anything or change anything for the pics....

Todays Outfit:

Purple Top-Target Converse All Stars

Cropped Pants-Walmart

Pink and Orange Flowered Flops-Joe Boxer/K-mart

In the meantime, CDR is up in Wisconsin working on the 'new' house.....here are a few pics...not sure exactly what they are...LOL

I think this is what used to be our Downstairs bathroom?? It will now be our laundry room and still part of our downstairs bath.

This is what will be our Master bedroom....there used to be a wall right after that first radiator and window on the left....that big gray bos thing is the AC unit....it used to be in a closet in the master bedroom.....CDR is moving it up to the atticd...he will then put in a new wall a little further out to make the room bigger...

I'm not sure where this is I am thinking it is one of the other bedrooms ...

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