Sunday, August 17, 2008

Poor Clares Dedication

Today, after Mass, a small group of us went up to Poor Clares for a Dedication ceremony for the Garden and Bench memorial for Father Richardson.
Lead me Lord was his favorite song.
It was a beautiful day and the Ceremony was really nice. A few of the Women in our Women's Group spoke, Father Francis who lives on the property with the Nuns, and says Mass, and does Vespers with them, did the Blessing and Dedication. Drama Teen sang 'I Can Only Imagine' and it was beautiful. Unfortunately I had the sound turned off on my camera so although I have great video coverage of her singing there is no sound :(
Father's Sister came up from Florida for his Internment at Arlington earlier this week and stayed on to attend our Dedication Ceremony. She seemed truly touched by the Garden and Bench we've dedicated to him.

Drama Teen and I

Afterwards we walked down to the Monastery for a small tour. Some of the women had never been there before so this was their first visit. We all bought Rosaries at the little gift shop the Nuns run. This is a peek into the Nun's side of the Chapel. They are a cloistered sect, so with the exception of one or two of the Nuns they try to keep separate from Visitors...They are mainly supported by donations and monies from selling Rosaries and other craft items they make. I 'm not sure how the Monastery was paid for. I think there was a donation from the Diocese, and then other donations to cover the cost. As stated in previous posts though, not all the work at the Monastery was finished so our Knights of Columbus council has been going up there for the last year or two now and trying to get some the the finishing done. This morning CDR and few other Knights from our Parish went up and did some painting in the basement rooms they've been trying to finish off.
Father Francis walking down to the Monastery for Vesters as we are leaving.


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