Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Our new Easter Banners! Made by our women's group!

Imagine my Joy when I arrived at church and who should walk in but one of my very best friends in the whole world....Her and her husband moved away two years ago and I was devastated to lose them from my everyday life......their daughter is still in the area and occasionally she comes to visit us at our church ...she is actually the Youth Director at one of the other Catholic Churches in the area so she doesn't get to come here often. It wasn't that surprising to see her at Church on Sunday though. We were happy to see her and I even asked about her parents ...she said they were doing fine....then.......the Drama Teen saw the Youth Director's brother walk in and then her parents!!! Oh my I nearly Cried!!

They invited us over for Easter Dinner at the Youth Director's home ...there were a lot of her youth friends invited as well and a few other family was awesome to spend Easter Sunday with such a great group of people...even more surprising was when one of the Drama Teens Friends from school turned up at the dinner....apparently he is friends with a friend of the Youth Director...small world!

Later we all walked to the park so the young people could play kickball....some of the grownups played as well but most of us just watched from the sidelines...LOL

It was just such a wonderful day....especially considering two years ago we spent Holy Week planning a Funeral for my brother.

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