Saturday, March 15, 2008

Father Richardson

As for an update on our priest. Well, he is still in the hospital. Since the last time I posted he got worse. He came down with a fever which took a while for them to get down. They had to use an ice blanket to cool him down. They finally determined the exact bacteria that was causing his infection. But even after treating it.,he was too weak to cough up the gunk in his lungs. They finally decided to do a tracheotomy, to insert a tube and suck the gunk out of his lungs. the surgery and treatment was successful, and they tell us he is doing really well and should recover. As well as an 89 year old who's been hospitalized and on a ventilator for the last few weeks can recover. There is still fluid in his lungs but the infection is gone. I think he is still on the Ventilator,but they hope to get him off it soon. He is aware of people being in his room and does try to communicate with them, by squeesing their hands and trying to look at them when they speak to him. We keep praying and so far the prayers seem to be working.

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