Thursday, September 18, 2008

Retirement Pics

Here are a few pics from the Retirement Ceremony.....

Commander's Entrance to the Ceremony...
This was his first Boss in the Military, when he first joined as a young Airman in the AF. He came down from Washington DC to be a Guest Speaker at the Ceremony.
The Admiral Presenting CDR with a medal.
A Certificate of Appreciation From President Bush for all CDR's year of Service.
His Certificate of Retirement! WOOHOO!!!

Admiral thanking CDR's Mother for raising such a wonderful son!
Now CDR makes us all cry with his Speech. He even brought himself to tears!
Presenting CDR with a Shadow Box Depicting all of his Medals and all of his Ranks.
Presenting our Family with Certificates of Appreciation for all the Sacrifices we have made thru the years.

This is probably the most special and touching portion of the Ceremony. Presenting CDR with the Flag. It's a solemn moment as the Flag is Passed from Soldier to Soldier, each one depicting one of CDR's Ranks thru his 28 years in the Service. From his early years as an Airman in the Air Force, to his beginning as an Enlisted Sailor in the Navy to his later years as a Commisioned Officer. They each slowly Pass the flag from Soldier to Soldier , Saluting in between and finally ending with CDR. As the Flag is Passed a Poem about the Flag is Read Aloud.

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