Friday, September 26, 2008


After the Ceremony we had a small reception down the street. The weather was beautiful and CDR had reserved a Cabana across from the Beach.

The night before my parents and a few of CDR's family helped me put together this spread. It turned out wonderful. Everyone was impressed with it all, which was a relief. I had worried that there wouldn't be enough, or it wouldn't be 'classy' enough etc. etc.

Father Morris and Co-ed filling their plates.....interestingly nearly every photo I have of the food also has Father in it..LOL
and here is one of the most adorable babies in the World....this is my grand nephew? Actually, I guess, my First Cousin once removed or is it twice removed?....I have no idea how all that works.....he's my nieces son.....His dad is Army, so we think he'll get a kick out of this Photo..I told him we convinced his son Navy was Better!..LOL Navy Band played at the Reception as well......they weren't you can see below People actually danced!
Friends from Church dancing....
Mom and Dad dancing........they are actually quite good ..they used to go dancing all the time when we were kids...they even won contests..
My brother and my mom dancing. ...
Me and my Dad was 'interesting' to say the one point he got down to his knees in front of me ......ummm.....yeah
And last but not least we mustn't forget the Cake....isn't it AWESOME!! They did such a good job with it! It was much nicer than I imagined it would be.

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