Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bored and Lonely

That's me......It's been a week since CDR left for our new life in Wisconsin and I stayed behind to sell the house....I didn't think I'd be this lonely and miss him this much....I've tried to convince myself that this will be like any other 'deployment' but it's not like 'deployment" feels different...I think it's hard because this time I'm really "alone" . Drama Teen is away..and although Genious Boy is still here..he keeps to himself and is hardly ever I have most of my days completely to myself, which I'm sure would feel like HEAVEN to many women...but it's not as great as it sounds....

There's just really not alot to DO around here these days....other times I had plenty of housework to catch up on( I slacked off a LOT so there was always PLENTY that needed doing)....not much housework around here these days.....the house has been pared down...and scrubbed clean for 'showing"....I pick up in the morning just to get it 'show' ready....and I'm careful not to make any messes or clean messes ASAP. With pretty much being the only person 'living' here ...there aren't many messes to clean.

I'm considering getting a 'job' but I'm sortof in limbo these days and have no idea how much longer I really will be here....could be two weeks, two months, a year ...who the past I kept busy volunteering at my kids schools...but......I don't have any in school here anymore...

I could shop, but I'm pretty much shopped out at the moment...I can't really buy much for the house because we are in "pared down show the house" mode.....don't want to 'add' anything.....even my wardrobe got pared down and although I'm willing to add a few things here and there I'm trying to careful there too.....I'm trying not to buy more books until I read or get rid of some of the hundreds I already have...( I'm not succeeding too well though as I've bought quite a few books in the last week alone...LOL)

Today I spent the day being lazy and catching up on all the blogs I haven't had time to read...but even that gets a little tiring after awhile...Tomorrow I do have a church picnic to attend so that should be fun....I don't know...I'm just feeling a bit blah i guess...just hope I can snap out of it soon...

One thing I thought I would do is really take this opportunity to focus on ME and take care of ME...excercise things I enjoy. I've been trying to eat healthy and today I even did some yoga...I'm also trying to focus on how I dress and how I take care of myself. Get out of that bit of frumpiness I've let myself slide into's even harder when CDR is away....I am tempted to just schlep around in sweats all day every day when he's not here and just eat junk food.

He seems to be doing well.....he starts his new job on Monday. Yesterday he went out and bought a bunch of new clothes for work...polos and khakis......he's been working on finishing a room in his sister's basement. I knew he'd be put to work as soon as he arrived...I even told him so...but he said Nahhhh...I was right..LOL

So's a pic for today.....the view from where I'm sitting here , reading blogs all day...LOL


Laura said...

Hi Maggii!

Sorry to hear you are lonely - it must be hard to be away from your hubby right now! I can't imagine... I am not cut out to be a military wife, so I wouldn't have the benefit of even that experience to draw from - in fact, in our 11+ years of marriage, I've been away from David overnight one night only - and that was the night I spent in the hospital after my gall bladder surgery and he had to stay home with the kids, or he would have stayed the night with me. :-)

Can you visit the CDR often? Or maybe move up there with him and leave your house open for showings and such? There's no reason for you to stay behind, when he isn't there with you, is there? The house can show itself - and you could hire someone to come in and touch up clean every week or two while you are gone.

Just at thought - I hate to see you being lonely if you don't have to be! Know that I'm thinking of you right now, and praying you get back to hubby ASAP!


Maggii said...

I have a feeling that is probably what I will end up doing. As I'm not sure how long I can do this knowing we don't really HAVE to. We just figured this would be an easy thing to do. I would get to stay a little longer and be around my friends and such. Also our daughters are both still attending college here so it would allow them to be able come home on weekends or me to go see them if we wanted.Since we really don't have a place up there yet this just seemed like a logical way to do it. He's still looking at a few places though and will probably either buy a place soon or rent a place. Once that happens I think I'll probably just go up there.


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