Monday, October 13, 2008

So Busy....

Sigh....Let me take a moment to breathe......ahhhhhhh

Operation House has been in full swing the last two weeks...We are hopefully just about done!! Hopefully the house will be on the market by the end of this week..I am sooooo sick of Home Improvements! I don't even want to LOOK at another paint brush.....the 'perfect' house is looking better and better to me everyday, the idea of walking into a house that needs MORE 'home improvements" does NOT thrill me.....walking into a 'perfectly done" house does!

Commander will probably be leaving Thursday to drive up and start his new Job on Monday....I will be staying behind for a little while waiting for our home to sell. I hope it doesn't take too long..I'm used to deployments and am trying to see this as similar...but it really feels different.......I don't like the idea of being apart voluntarily...I also hate that feeling of being in Limbo....I want to just move up there already...and start my new life!

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