Monday, October 12, 2009

My Morning Cuppa

Found this really cute Halloween Cat mug at the local Goodwill. Halloween is my all time favorite Holiday. I just love everything about it...the colors ( who wouldn't love ORANGE!! and this year I'm really rocking PURPLE--which CAN be dangerous here in Packer Country-I've never lived somewhere where I had to be careful what colors I was wearing on certain(ie. football) days of the week....) The weather(ok I could have done without "snow" in October....YES it actually snowed the other day!)but I love the crisp autumn weather . And Halloween is such a fun and easy major 'expectations' or potential for 'disappointment"...and Candy Candy Candy...LOL

1 comment:

Laura said...

Cute cuppa! ;-)

I love Autumn, too... the colors, the pumpkins, the leaves... it's all so wonderful.

And, also, the whole candy candy candy factor, and no expectations but FUN FUN FUN! :-)


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