Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunny AND Warm!

Today was such a Beautiful Day!! I think it got to at least 65 degrees, maybe was definately a T-shirt and barefoot day..LOL I figure I better take advantage of it while I could...turned off the heat and threw open the windows. Wednesday's the BIG day. I fly out to the frozen tundra! Got most of my packing done today. I just can't wait!!!!

But Gosh I LOVED today....I LOVE Virginia!! Why am I moving, again?????

I'm wearing my For the Love of Nie T-shirt-bought in support of Nie Nie


Anonymous said...

At least for the next three weeks or so you can't torment me with t-shirts and bare legs. You'll be suffering here right along with me...although since you'll be seeing your husband you probably won't really be suffering...but you will be cold!

Sorry. I should have more compassion instead of gloating.

Maggii said... will be really funny if it warms up the whole time I'm there..


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