Friday, February 06, 2009

Quick Blog

I have a little time to myself before SIL gets back with the I figured I'd try to get a post in...My visits been far the ccccccccold hasn't gotten to me yet...granted I guess it's been a little 'warmer' here lately...It's funny though because yesterday I went out a few times with my SIL and she kept commenting on how cccccold she was ...and I kept thinking...really? it's not really bothering me yet.....LOL Everyone is watching me , waiting for the shock of the ccccccold to hit me and so far I'm fine and thinking it's really not too bad..LOL

so here is how I will be spending most of my days here. With these two adorable little hatchlings..and one rambunctious puppy!!! SIL babysits her daughter's children's been so long since I've been around such littles on a regular basis!! They are adorable and a lot of fun. Today, the plan is to take them to some fun kiddie place with bouncie stuff and games....

We were playing Hide and Seek...I was hiding behind the Chair..LOL

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