Sunday, February 01, 2009

Made it Thru

I can't believe I actually made it thru NaBloPoMo for January with only missing ONE day!!...There is a new Theme for February....WANT...I Have a feeling February will be a difficult month for me to particpate, since in THREE days I will be leaving for WI for 20 days!!!!!!!

I just don't know that I'll be able to faithfully post EVERY day....I may not even have a chance to post at all...I'm sure the family and hubby will be keeping me VERY busy. I will have my camera and plan to take TONS of pics...who knows......maybe we'll find some land or a house and actually BUY something while I'm there. A Girl can Hope........

Co-ed and I were invited to breakfast after Church, so we went to Southland in NC with some friends from Church. Father Richardson always LOVED going to Southland. It's right on the NC/VA a matter of fact ..right across the street is a place called Border Station that actually straddles the Border. They even have a 'line' thru the middle of the you can stand with one foot on one side and the other on the other side and be in two states at once. Hokey yeah...but it's a Big Deal around here..LOL
I wish I had a better photo of Co-ed's was too cute......It's a Cream and Yellow Vintage Dress we thrifted last year. And she's wearing her new Thrifted Clip-on Earrings.

Anyway...lunch was nice...the food was "'ok'...but the Company was wonderful!

Today's Outfit:

Blue Dress-Dillards-bought it origionally for CDR's Retirement( one of the 5 dresses I ended up buying but didn't indeed wear)-this was the first time I've worn it. I'm not sure why ...I really loved it today.

Cream Colored Cardigan Jacket-New-Target-one of my Liz Lange Maternity purchases from yesterday.

Black Tights

My New Steve Madden Ruffle shoes

Blue Rose Swallow Necklace from Arete on Etsy


Anonymous said...

You're not going to want to wear dresses once you get up here! Get your fill at home.

Although, it was above freezing today. And yesterday. And, after a few days in the 20's, by the end of next week we'll be hitting almost 40 degrees. Or, so they say.

The whole state is pretty quiet, weather wise, right about now.

And, now I have jinxed it and in a week we'll get blizzards.

Maggii said...

LOL...wanna bet??? I'm one of those crazy people who will still wear least to Church...granted I'll probably be wearing big fuzzy boots with them instead of cute High Heels....I'll just have to wear thicker tights and leggings...LOL soon as I get home it will probably be sweatpants and thick socks...LOL

When I was in HS I was the crazy girl standing at the bus stop in a snowbank in a dress and High Heel Sandals for 20 minutes...i was nuts..


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