Friday, February 06, 2009

Flashback Friday!!

Participating in Tara's Flash Back Fridays again this week. Head over and join the fun!!
Christmas in Maine.....I'm not sure what year this is. I am there in the light blue dress....I look to be about 18 months ...which would make it 1966? That's my mom standing in the Black Jumper. My Aunt on the couch and my cousins, Donald( in red), Jean Paul sitting next to me, and Louise sitting next to my Aunt. Donald died on my 10th Birthday in 1975. He was 12 and was hit by a drunk driver as he walked home from the Bus Stop.


tara @ kidz said...

What a precious memory! I love the tinsel tree, my grandma always had a tinsel tree just like that. =)

That is so sad about your cousin, but it makes the photo that much more of a treasure. Thanks for sharing!

JenReg said...

Oh gosh, that is horrible about your cousin.

I love the glasses and hairdos in this picture! You are a cutie.

Please check out my Flashback Friday:

The Rambler said...

Enjoyed the photo of the tinsel tree. :)

Gosh, that's so terrible about your cousin. How horrible for your aunt.

Just popping by from Tara's Linky list of Flashers.

Heatherlyn said...

I love the tree too! I'm sorry about your cousin. I think there should be much much stricter drunk driving laws. My great-Uncle was killed by a DUI driver. It's an unnecessary injustice.

Thanks for commenting on my site. :)

Rady Family said...

How sad, I agree with stricter laws!! Cute photo though! Love old fashion christmass!! Just visiting from Tara's


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