Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost Home..

sortof.....I will be flying back to Virginia tomorrow afternoon and I am pretty excited....

As much as a miss being with the CDR and want to start our new life up here, I REALLY miss being in my own's been nice visiting with the In-Laws....but......I think I am starting to wear out my welcome...LOL

I'm looking forward to being in my own house, with my own things, watching what "I" want to watch on TV...eating what "I" want to eat...etc etc. I miss cooking and baking and crafting and cleaning.....imagine that!
And , now that we've bought a home up here...hopefully it wont be too long before I'm doing all that HERE with CDR!

1 comment:

Deeny said...

Hi Maggii, Congrats on the new house
:-) I lived in the same state my whole life and not planning on moving anytime soon. I have an uncle who is retired from Lockheed Martin and lives in Alexandria VA outside Washington. Haven't been there in years. It is pretty up there. Close to cities and the country. Have a great day. Smiles Deeny


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