Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Lazy Day

Not a whole lot to write about today. I've almost made it thru NaBloPoMo, although I did miss that ONE day. It's been hard life isn't all THAT interesting or exciting. Today Co-ed and I went to Church....and then spent the afternoon watching re-runs of America's Next Top Model on the Oxygen channel. It's still on, and I think I know who wins. I also did a little bit of crocheting while watching.

I have only a little over a week before I go to Wisconsin for a visit with the hubby. I need to start thinking of what to bring. The weather is going to be a SHOCK, I'm I need to round up all my 'warm' clothes....I looked for some 'snow" type boots the other day but didn't really find any I liked. I do have a pair that I 'think" will If I don't find any in the next week, I'll just take the ones I have. I also should find a decent Winter Parka type coat.....which is also hard to find around here , especially at this time of year. All our Summer stuff is coming out already....and the stores here don't carry THAT many really warm winter coats to begin with so even finding them on clearance will be hard.....I'm excited about my trip though. It will be awesome to see the hubs and get to spend 3 weeks with him. Or should I say 2 1/2 weeks...since his boss is sending him out of town this week and he wont be back until a few days after I arrive.


Anonymous said...

Trying to find boots and coats around here this time of year isn't easy, either. It all comes out in August and is gone after Christmas so the bikini's and sandals can be put out to tantalize us with what it to come, some day, but not any time soon. I need a new winter coat and waiting until after Christmas. They're just not available. They're cheap, when they exist, but the sizes are all either extra small or extra-extra large.

We might make it to freezing by the time you get here. We'll still be below freezing all week, but at least it doesn't look like we'll be getting the -20 arctic blast while you're here.

Bring layers. Layers are better than one heavy item. They let the air flow better, and contrary to logical thinking, it's better to let the air move, even when its cold.

Maggii said...

Yeah that's what I planned....I can layer with lots of sweaters and cardigans and such. and I do have a couple of sortof
Wintery Coats I can bring. I have a nice new one...but bought it with VA weather in mind...not needing to have heavy layers that's how it fits...not sure I can fit it over heavier sweaters...I was just hoping I could find some really cute I could look like a cute snowbunnie..LOL..yeah right...


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