Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Celebration

I know I said Co-ed and I didn't really have any plans for New Years Eve...we were just going to spend a quiet night at home.....and we did for the most part. But, yesterday was Choir Practice for Church, and since we had to go out anyway for that, we figured why not go out for Dinner. We just went to Ruby Tuesdays..nothing fancy.

We both ordered a drink( she's 21 now), she had a Mojito and I had the Ruby Relaxer... and a bunch of appetizers and dessert and had a nice little celebration of our own. Then we went home and had a nice quiet evening of video games(her) and blog surfing(me)....we're pathetic ...I know.

I managed to stay up until midnight....actually I was up until 2:00am then I remembered we had Church in the morning and hightailed it to Bed. Then I got a phonecall at 3:00am...a bunch of partiers wishing me a Happy New Year.....I think it was the 3:00am my time would be Midnight His time....but he never identified himself..and I couldn't quite make out the voice.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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