Saturday, January 03, 2009

And So I Make Quiche

I was surfing blogs again today and came across one where the blogger posted about quiche....which made me think hmmnnn quiche...I could do I did.....Unfortunately I didn't take note of exactly who's blog I was on at the moment and can't seem to find it...I could have sworn it was someone in my blogroll but I just can't find them again!! ARG!!

Update: Found it!!! It was Here!


dcelestine said...

Hey, how cool!? That's my blog! :) I hope you liked the recipe. Did you use the regular recipe or the modified version? I see you're a fan of Yogi Tea, too...isn't that stuff great!?

Thanks for stopping by,

:) Diana

Kim Layton said...

This looks great! I do something close to it with ham and swiss cheese. It looks so nice for such little effort!

Complicated Mama said...

What a perfect looking Quiche!

::no. no, must be good on diet... must be good on diet! ::

Ryan Ashley Scott@Opitimistic Cyicism said...

Looks like it turned out perfectly!


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