Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today was a day filled with work for Commander and I. He worked hard outside....fixing windows and painting trim. I worked inside, sorting ,organizing and cleaning.

Here are a few pics of the finished product. I didn't take any 'before' pics...they would have been pretty awful. One think I've never claimed is to be Suzy Homemaker. I tend to be very messy and cluttered, and totally disorganized. I'd really like to change all that, though. And I feel I've been making progress and I've actually been enjoying getting it all done.

Here are a couple of pics from our Bedroom. These two are of the corner on my side. That door leads to a small balcony we have. We hardly ever use it. And I usually have piles of 'stuff' blocking the door.( You can see some of my good-will donations in a pic a few posts down).There's usually stuff pile on both tables and next to the bed as well. What can I say , I'm just REALLY messy!
BTW those boxes over by the shoes are our new Bathroom lights, we got them last week and Commander hasn't put them in yet. The Candle on that little Table is from Lady of Fatima. Commander brought it back for me when he went there last year during his long deployment. They had a port call near there. There's also a couple of books about Lady of Fatima on the table, that he also brought back for me. And......I'm already cluttering up the table with my bottle of Lavender Linen spray...I LOVE that has a nice fresh smell to fresh laundry...I spray it on everything in the room. Heck everything in the house. I got it at the Dollar Tree.. stocked up and bought a bunch because I love it. It's called "l'essence de Provence"...they have other scents as well but I really just like the Lavender.

this small table is my bedside table....I know you're probably wondering....why does a 40 something year old woman have dolls and stuffed animals??? But these 3 things are very special to me. The Doll is my very first Doll ever. I got it for my first Christmas. I was never actually allowed to play with her and until about 15 years ago she was still in her box. After years of moving( both as a military brat and then as a military wife) the box was just too torn up and ragged to patch together anymore so I finally gave up and took her out of the box. She opens and closes her eyes and she used to say Ma Ma when you tipped her she just makes a weird cry....sometimes as a child my mom would let me hold the box and tip it back and forth to hear her say Ma Ma...but that was the extent of my being able to 'play' with her. The Koala next to her was a gift from the Commander when we were dating. My Memere had just died. He was out of town when she passed and we frantically tried to get a message to him about it so he could be there. We finally were able to and he arrived just in time to attend the funeral with me, and he gave me that Koala to cheer me up. It's the ONLY stuffed animal he gave me while we were dating...he had a thing about thinking they were childish and wouldn't give me any even though at the time i was a teen and loved stuffed the fact that he gave me that one made it all the more special. I actually slept with it for years...even after we were married....and the white bear he gave me about 15 years ago for Valentines...he was on deployment and it was our First Valentines apart. All the husbands made arrangements beforehand...buying gifts and leaving them with one of the other wives to hand out to us at a special Valentine Dinner we had. He also gave me a cute ceramic trinket dish, but that broke years ago. here we have my dresser..If you only knew how much junk I cleared off this today. Again it was piled with 'stuff'. I got rid of most of it ..went thru all my jewelry(mostly cheap costume stuff) and got rid of a bunch of the cheap stuff. That Ivory Jewelry Box was given to me by my Memere before she died. It holds most of my sentimental treasures and my really good jewelry( I don't own much). The little plastic black box on top of it was given to me by the co-ed when she was about 5 or 6. It has little compartments to hold earrings...I mainly keep it for sentimental reasons. To the right of the jewelry boxes you can see some ceramic pieces...those were all made by my various children at some point or another...that weird green one is a 'dinosaur' made by Genius Boy back in elementary school. To the left you can see 3 vases. I keep change IN the vases and hang my dangly earrings ON them...LOL....two birds with one stone!

Now we are downstairs in my living room...again there are usually piles of junk and stuff all over these tables.....this first one is a coffee table that we use as and end table...we bought it at a Haverty's Warehouse Sale because it match the coffee table we already had and it was soooooooo cheap....Haverty's used to have the BEST warehouse sales.....really nice stuff for really LOW's was all their discontinued stuff or past inventory...or stuff with missing parts...Our kitchen table we bought there for $188.00 it was missing the pedestal it was just the top.....we were able to order the legs separate for $50.00 for less than $300 we got a $1200.00 table....this coffee table was only $188 as retailed for over $400.00.

here I've got my laptop....some books of my Bibles, some pens and crochet hooks and chocolate of course!!

Then below is my actual coffee's very similar to the table above . Again we got this at a Haverty's Warehouse Sale for about $200 retailed for around $800.

In the vase are shells and coral that I brought back from our Puerto Rico Trip a few years ago. One thing I will definitely be bring along to Wisconsin if we move there is all my shells....we wont be anywhere near I'll be bringing the Ocean back with me. I got that cute basket at Target recently...Commander had a bunch of 'stuff' pile on the table.....a notebook with list of things he needs to get for the house and lists of things he needs to do...some tools...some guitar pics etc I grabbed that basket and threw all that 'stuff' in at least it looks 'neat" ...

So there it is....I know it probably doesn't seem like I did much but believe me it was a lot....I also did a bunch of other cleaning and sorting during the day.

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