Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 Year Ago

The Commander and I were married. Wow!! 25 years......sometimes I wonder how we got here and am totally shocked that we DID....but then I can't imagine NOT being married for many years to come.....we've had some rocky times.....but I have to say as we get older and more mature it's getting easier and easier. We still have our moments, but they are not as dire as they once were...they blow over much more quickly and painlessly...I will say I've never really regretted getting married as young as we did ( I was barely 18 ) and I look forward to spending the rest of my life as Mrs. Commander.

Gosh....Look how young we were!!

Soooo what does 25 years of Wedded Bliss get me you ask??? Well..............

How about this lovely piece of Bling, Baby!!

OMG I still cannot believe it. We went shopping last Sunday for a laptop for Drama Teen and Commander saw a sign for Friedman's Going out of Business and asked where that was...I told him not expecting him to actually be interested(didn't want to get my hopes up) figured he was just curious. Then after looking at Computers at Best Buy we actually stopped over and Friedman's and let me pick something out..I actually picked a smaller similar ring...then he saw this one and asked if I'd like it. Uh YEAH!!!! As they are going out of business we got it for a steal..but it still cost a pretty penny and it's worth so much more.......I LOVE it....Of course it makes my Wedding Set look tiny....but I still love my Solitaire...and wouldn't give it up for anything.

It just looks so beautiful over there on my right hand, doesn't it??? Can you tell I LOVE it....yeah sometimes I'm materialistic sue me....LOL

The best part is...he didn't even make me wait until today to start wearing it....he let me put it on the minute we left the store( if you know the Commander know how out of character that is for him...he's a stickler for making one wait until THE appropriate time...he may buy your Christmas Gift a week before, with you standing right there...but he WILL make you wait until Christmas Day to use it.....LOL..unless of course HE wants to use it for some reason...then an acception can be made)


Kerry said...

oooh!!! I love it! Good job - both of you!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!

And I LOVE the bling, er, ring! I'm not much of a jewelry person, but oh, how beautiful! Hubby was walking behind me when the pic came up, and he even stopped and asked, "What's that?!" Lol - you know a ring is nice if it stops a man in his tracks. :-)

God bless you for the next 25 years of wedded bliss!

Maggii said...

Thank You both! I'm looking forward to the next 25 years!

tickledpink said...

Congrats! Twenty-five years says a lot these days. I LOVE the bling! Good job Hubby!!


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