Thursday, June 26, 2008

Real Life at Chez Maggii

Last week I came across this cute project going on over at Farm Fresh, called It's Real Life. She gives you a list of Pictures to take around the home, and everybody posts them and shares their "Real Life" . I kindof came in at the tail end last week and really wasn't up to sharing my 'real life" so I didn't particpate...but this week it's a whole new list and I figure why not? I promise I didn't 'stage" anything..well ok maybe just a little..I did straighten the slipcover on my chair, and I did set up my favorite feature pose just a tiny bit, but that's on to the pics:

Curb Appeal: Here's a photo of our house from the street. It's hard to get a good shot from the street as there are too many trees that get in the way.
We actually usually have black shutters on the windows but the Commander is replacing them this week. He's taken the old ones down but hasn't gotten the new ones up yet.
Junk Drawer: Ok just about EVERY drawer in this house is a 'junk' drawer...or at least LOOKS like one. This is my junk drawer next to my favorite chair. I recently cleaned it out so it isn't too bad. There's my USB cord for my camera, some other DC adpater for something..who knows what. Magazine clippings I'm saving. Cute quote cards I tore out of Oprah Mag. Ribbon bookmarks given to me at Christmas. A few crochet hooks, and usually you can find chocolate in this drawer....

From Whence I Blog: this would be the most common place for me to blog.. I have a laptop so I can blog all over the place if I want...but most of the time you'll find me blogging here...I'm sitting here RIGHT NOW!! LOL..this is MY chair in our living room. I like to have all my 'stuff' there's tons of books piled around ..a basket of crochet, or two or three...magazines etc etc.

Favorite Jewelry: Ok this one was easy.....

Best Feature: I actually have a lot of "features" I's the "whole package" I have a hard time with( mainly because I'm unhappy with my weight and size) but I'd have to say my legs are my favorite...they've always been pretty well proportioned and shapely. I'm tend to be very slim thru the hips and thighs so my legs look pretty good even now, while I'm overweight. They are a bit pale as I haven't gotten much sun this summer, too busy inside working on Operation House. They are a bit freckly...well I'm quite a bit freckly all over the place and I LOVE it....hmmmn come to think of it, THAT might be my BEST feature..... freckles!

Thought I'd add a couple of Bonus Pics for Curb is what you see ON the curb( if you can call it that...more like the end of our drive.)

And here's a tasty bit of 'curb appeal" you'd get to see today if you came by....Commander working up a sweat, being all handy and stuff.......mmmmmm


Michael and Shelly Ryan said...

Your house is very pretty. I bet it looks great with the shutters too.

Maggii said...

Thanks! Yeah it's pretty cute with shutters..although I am kinda liking the bare look.

Joy said...

Your house is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing your life!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

What a great house! And such a comfy spot from which to blog. You have great gams! Cute feet too.

Chocolate! Now that is what my junk drawer is missing. of course, it would always be missing if I did keep it in there as I have no self control

Lovin' your photo blog. Great idea.

So glad you came over to play today!

Morning By Morning said...

Freckles~ that is a great best feature!!! I have tons of them too :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I have freckles upon freckles also. And I love them. I'm hoping at least one of my kids has them too. A good excuse to pile on the kisses! :)

Your house is just beautiful I love the style, and I bet it's even more lovely with the black shutters.

Nice legs, girl!

Have a great rest of your Thursday!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Oh My Gosh... I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! the chair from whence you blog is great too. It looks so comfortable! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Alyson said...

I'm all about handy hubby's too ;)

Amy said...

It looks like a mansion!! Wonderful house!!
Great pics--Thanks for sharing!


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