Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today we had church. Drama Teen was still away at Nationals and our organist wasn't there today either so it was just the Commander and the Recruit for music today.Commander plays guitar and the recruit plays flute. Usually Drama Teen also plays guitar and then like I said we have an organist. Everything went well though ...

The most adorable family sits in the first pew( actually the second, as no one sits in the 'first" pew unless it's crowded) They have twin girls about 4 years old and and older son, and the wife just had a bay boy about 2 or 3 weeks ago. The girls are absolutely adorable. They were soooo excited about their new baby brother. Two weeks ago they were at church with their Grandma, and before I could even get down the aisle they ran up to me with a picture of their new baby, telling me all about him. Mom and baby were still in the hospital. Last week they were not at Church as they were out of town visiting relatives and getting the baby baptised in Mom's hometown.

They were there today though.....oh my he is just tiny.....and the big sisters were just ecstatic. Running up to everyone with hugs and dragging them over to see the IF we needed to be 'dragged" was just so cute to see them soo Happy!

Father gave a really nice homily today...about Peter and Paul and how different yet alike they were...and what it was like to preach the gospel in their day.

Afterward we had Fellowship. It's nice in the summertime when everyone can just relax and need to rush off to CCD. I mean I Love teaching CCD, and really enjoy it. But it's nice to have time off for a little while. I miss out on a lot of the Fellowship during the school year when we have CCD.

What I wore to Church:

What I wore After Church: I just wanted to be a little more comfy and slouchy. I'm usually barefoot around home. I throw on flip flops if I go somewhere.

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