Friday, June 20, 2008

The 2008 Annual Showcase Awards

So the 7th was the Drama Departments Showcase Awards Ceremony. It's their version of the Oscars. They have presenters who give out awards such as Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Thespian of the year, Best Director etc etc. In between they have short perfomances. This year it was pretty much the Brittney Show!! She performed in most of the Dances and also Sang in two perfromances.

Here she is accepting the Scholarship she won from the Hickory Parents Association of Theatre.

Dancers performing a piece from Hairspray.......Drama Teen and Apron Girl perfoming a Duet from Jeckyl and Hyde.....Here she's just Accepted her Best Actress in a Musical Award.......Dancers performing Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast....she got to wear her "Princess" Prom Dress....did I mention that she made this dress herself??

After the Ceremony with Friends.....Rolf from Sound of Music..
Apron Girl......
Bestest Friend in the whole world....

She also had a solo performance of If Someone Like You from Jeckyl and Hyde( you can hear her sing the same song a few posts down for her voice lesson recital) and she also won Thespian of the Year( it was a tie with her and another girl)

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