Friday, June 27, 2008

St. Michael's Church Picnic

The Commander had a Knights Of Columbus meeting this evening at St Michael's, a Catholic Church in VA Beach.. It was his last meeting as District Deputy. So around 7:00 I get a call from Commander, asking me if I was busy? Why no, why do you ask? He explains that they are having a Parish Picnic and he'd like me to come. So I hopped in the car, after I changed into a cute outfit of course. I wore grubs all day getting all my cleaning and purging and such done.

The Picnic was nice. Commander is pretty popular at these things..Everybody just loves him. We'd actually already had dinner so we just had a little dessert.

This is Ben, he was District Deputy last year and Commander was his District Warden which I guess is kinda like his 'assistant' . That cap he's wearing is one that Commander brought back from his last deployment. It's for the USS George Washington and it has an American Flag and a Japanese Flag on it. The GW is taking over for the Kitty Hawk in Japan. Commander's last deployment was to accompay the GW to San Diego for the first leg of it's trip to Japan. He then flew home from SD, and the Kitty Hawk crew is supposed to take over for the last leg of the trip. The Kitty Hawk is being decommisioned,although, thanks to a fire on the GW during their trip(no one too badly injured, Thank God) the Kitty Hawk is being kept in service a tad longer than expected...but I digress.......

Anyway, I'm not really sure about all the ins and outs of what's what in the KofC. Commander was District Deputy this year. He took over for Ben. All I know is, as DD this year he had to attend meetings at each council in the District, and make sure they were getting done what they were supposed to be getting done.

This is the Priest over at St. Michael's. He gave a speech explaining their missionary work, and various fundraisers they've been doing and will be doing to continue their missionary work.

And here is Commander with his replacement, the NEW District Deputy. This is the last time Commander will get to wear that Red Polo stating he is DD. He wont get to wear that attractive BRIGHT RED Jacket anymore either. Nor will he need to wear the White Tuxedo Jacket he Had to buy for DD last year. I'm not sure he ever wore it!! Maybe once.... but I told him he may as well keep it. He may have another non- KofC occasion to wear a White Tuxedo Jacket. Who knows?? But the RED jacket can go! LOL

Remember how I mentioned my Foray into Marshall's? Well since we drove separately and since Commander wanted to stop over at Home Depot in VA Beach, which is the total Opposite way from home, I figured I had time to make a quick stop of my own. So I headed over to Marshall's . I've been a really good girl and not done hardly ANY shopping all month so I figured I deserved it...LOL. Soooooo, what did I get???

Well this cute Lilly P. Skirt!!! I've heard other's saying they've had luck at Marshall's finding them some Lilly, I never expected I would though. It actually fits even...a little snugger than I' d like, but once I lose a few more pounds it will be perfect. And I found this really cute Blue Sundress by Carole Little, and these REALLY cute RL Flip Flops......

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