Friday, June 27, 2008

OH-Sorting Organizing and Purging.

As I've mentioned before...we are in the throws of getting our home ready to sell in the event that we possibly move this fall. We haven't actually decided one way or another, so we're kindof living in limbo these days. A lot depends on how quickly we can get our house ON the market and then of course it all depends on IF it sells quickly( which in today's market doesn't sound too promising) the very least we are getting the house in shape and our home will be pretty nice if we do stay.

I've been going thru all our stuff and purging TONS...I'm a bit of a pack rat and tend to have LOTS of's been refreshing to get rid of so much of it. I'm really starting to crave a more simple, streamlined style. I'm also a bit of a shopaholic and I've really been trying to curb that, and I think I'm doing pretty good( although I DID hit Marshall's today for a quick romp..LOL..I'll post what I found later)

So here's a few quick photo's of what I've been up to with Operation House. Here you can see I'm cleaning out my cupboards and rearranging and reorganizing. I was keeping the plates on the bottom shelf there under the coffee and tea mugs. Today I moved all the dishes to the side cabinet(where I kept all my plastic containers for leftovers), and moved all my glasses which were in another cabinet( not in this pic) to where the plates were. The plastic containers were all moved to where I kept the glasses. I also purged a bunch of stuff from all the cabinets...I must have had about 20 stray plastic lids...LOL..probably more...

Here is the finished product.

And here is my counter top cleared off and streamlined...believe me it used to be MUCH more cluttered....hopefully soon we'll have new counter tops. We might be ordering them this weekend.I've hated these since we moved in.....they don't look too bad in pics...but they are way worse in person.

And here we have all the piles and bags of 'stuff" I've been purging. I've been going thru the whole house just purge ,purge, purge.

Here we have bags of 'stuff' in my bedroom:and here bags and boxes in my living room:and here , piles and bags and boxes in our upstairs hall:


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