Saturday, June 28, 2008

and then...Play

After all that work it was then time to Play! Commander had a softball game this evening. He usually plays with other people from our Church in a Christian Softball league in NC. I went along to cheer and watch. Unfortunately not enough of his team came, so they had to forfeit the game, but the other team was willing to scrimmage and they got to play anyway...some guys from one of the other teams stayed and filled in for our missing players. The game didn't "count", but they all had fun.
I don't do sports....I'm still too traumatized from middle school PE. Once in middle school was time to pick teams for volleyball.( earlier in the year we had done Soccer and I had reallllllly SUCKED at it) anyway,the teachers picked about 5 or 6 team Captains and lined all the rest of us up against the wall...One by one the Captains picked students for their team. Ok well...I was the LAST one picked! They even picked the reallllly fat kid before me. That's how bad I was!

As if that wasn't bad enough....they then fought over who WOULDN'T get stuck with was the next Captain's turn to pick but he didn't want me so he told the guy next to him that HE could have me...well that guy wasn't having none of that....he informed the first guy that NO it was HIS turn to pick, HE gets me.....the first guy's like NO that's OK you can have her........second guy...NO it's YOUR turn you get her....and so on...finally the teacher realized what was going on and made the first guy pick me.....

So now I don't do sports ....ever...I'm still too traumatized......sad thing is, I was actually not bad at Volley Ball and could have played better than the other girls on our team if I'd been given the it was the boys on our team never 'let' me play...Oh I stood our there all right....but anytime the ball came my of the boys would rush over to get to it before I could( of course usually causing us to miss the play)

What I wore to Watch and Cheer!

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