Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Celebrating

As you all know....all two or three of you who read here..... :)

Yesterday was Our Anniversary. 25 Years of Wedded Bliss. Ok, it hasn't always been 'bliss'...but it's been blissful enough.....I think we're doing pretty darn good. Of course we all know about the fabulouso piece of bling Commander gave me...I absolutely LOVE it!!

So yesterday was our passed by pretty quietly and that was fine...after the bling I didn't expect any real fanfare....we had Choir Practice for Church in the evening...It went by quickly. Afterwards Commander took me and the co-ed( she sings in choir too , so she was with us....Drama teen does as well, but she's away this week for Drama Nationals) out to Ruby Tuesdays( it was between that or Applebees and lately I really don't like Applebees) near home. It was actually a pretty nice dinner. We all enjoyed our meal.

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