Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Choral Banquet

Whew!!! These last few weeks have just been soooo busy. All the end of the school year events..and getting ready for Drama Teen to Graduate..YIKES. So Monday was the Choral Banquet and Superlative Awards....We had Carrabas cater this year. It seemed like a such a good idea. The Commander and I arrived early to help set up with some of the other parents. Carrabas was supposed to arrive around 5ish , the plan was for them to cook onsite. At 5:30 they still hadn't arrived. When we called we were told Oh don't worry they'll be in there in 25 minutes. Ummmmm...the "Banquet" was supposed to START in 30?!!! At 6:10 they still hadn't arrived! Needless to say we were not pleased. Then they ran out of bread! oyyyyy....the meal itself was pretty good. We had Chicken Marsala and some Viti. Some of the students performed for us during the dinner. Afterward we all piled into the Auditorium for recognition and awards. Drama Teen earned another patch( she earned her Letter Freshman year) she also got certificates for having participated in District, Honors, and All States.....and she even won one of the Superlatives( most likely to be sucessful) which was quite a Surprise, as she never wins these( they are usually just a popularity contest )

All the Seniors recieved a Senior Photo Frame with their Senior Photo and a Special Poem

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