Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kerry!!! More More More

So I finally get my computer and log on to check all my favorite Blogs and OH NO Kerry from More More More( my very favoritist of all) has gone Private!!! What will I do. I need my fix. I need to know if she's hit j.crew recently, what her weekend plans are, what she wearing to what event, how her kids are doing, what her thoughts on the latest episode of Lost are, etc etc.... Not to mention her blog was my link to a ton of other great blogs I loved to read!!! So Kerry, if by any chance you happen to come by and see this post. Can I have an invite? Pretty Please!! With Sugar on Top!! and a Cherry too!!


Kerry said...

OF COURSE!! email me at hotpinkpencil @ hotmail .com

I am going to go public again - it's just temporary :)

Maggii said...



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