Saturday, September 09, 2006

We Shall Not forget..William Ralph Raub

UPDATE: I was able to find some info ! thanks Laura!!

William Ralph Raub A Student of the Market, 'Focused on His Work'
October 5, 2001
Though he wasn't feeling well and at first decided to stay home on Sept. 11, William Raub changed his mind and went to work anyway, intending to remain only a half-day.
Raub, 38, a stockbroker originally from a suburb of Albany, had his chauffeur pick him up at his Saddle River, N.J., home and bring him to Tower One. He was an institutional stock trader on the 104th floor at Cantor Fitzgerald, a large investment firm that suffered one of the biggest corporate losses of life in the trade center disaster.
A tireless worker, Raub wanted to clear up some important business. "He was very focused on his work," said his wife, Maureen, who grew up in West Babylon. "He was extremely successful. He studied the market and was always on top of what was happening. That was what contributed to his success."
Raub's wife explained that he worked closely with his clients and developed not only strong business relationships but friendships as well. "He was a very generous person. He took younger people in the business under his wing," she said.
Raub graduated in 1985 from Siena College with a degree in finance.
His wife noted that he spent a lot of time golfing and once in a while did a little running. His other leisure pursuit was vintage in nature. "Bill was an avid wine enthusiast and collector," said his wife, whose parents, Pat and Jim Jeffers, live in West Babylon.
Raub is survived by his 3- month-old son, Liam, and a daughter, Rebecca, who is 6 years old. --Bill Kaufman (Newsday)

Man, the thought that he had actually planned to stay home that day really hits hard...if only...

and that he had a small child...and a baby just born....My Prayers go out to his family........{{{{{Maureen, Liam, and Rebecca}}}}}}}}}}]

William Ralph Raub, 38 years old
Saddle River, NJ

William was an Institutional Stock Trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was confirmed dead at the World Trade Center. I was unable to find any other information on William.


Laura said...

It's so hard when you can't find anything... he is remembered, along with everyone else who died that day - and he is a hero, regardless of what info you have of him. At least you have a photo... good job.

Laura said...

I've got to go to bed now... but I think I hit a good trail using his wife's name, Maureen Raub... many articles from a year or so after the attacks.

Good luck!

Maggii said...

Wow..thanks Laura.....I really appreciate all the links you sent me.......reading about his life makes him more 'real"... ya know?

Laura said...

Maggii - I didn't mean to take over your research! I thought about that after I got in bed last night... but once upon a time, years & years ago, I was the only reporter for a small newspaper, and it was my job to track down info... so now, it's kind of fun for me to see if I can find anything elusive... glad I could help! :-) We need these people to be real, bigger than life, even, so we don't ever forget what happened that day...

Maggii said...

Oh was great....I read all the links you sent me to and It was really nice to read mroe about his life...I appreciate all your help!!


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