Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today's Thrifty Finds

Here's todays bootie...I tried going to a different thrift store that I'd never been to sounded like it would be a good place..but I was pretty dissappointed...there really wasn't much there...but I did find a few decent things..

The green glasses look vintage...they were $10......the candy dish will probably be used in my bathroom to hold small items ....probably cotton balls or something...the other clear jar is a Princess House piece...I'm pretty happy with was $5.00 and would have cost at least $20.00 new....I have a few pieces of Princess House( which I paid FULL price for....a friend of mine sold it..actually I got some of it FREE for hosting parties...LOL) so this will go well with those...and then the "piece de resistance"......a Chalkware Bluebird from probably around the 1940's...I didn't know anything about it...I picked it up because it was a "bluebird" ...and it looked kinda old..when I got up to the register the cashier told me it had a story...I guess it's from an Old Carousel, "across the water" ,she 'thinks" Buckroe Beach....she said they used to give these away as prizes way back in the old days....How cool is that?!!

Anyway todays total for

came to $19.43......added to yesterdays total of $6.85 comes to $26.28 total for the Thrift Challengeso far!


GorditaSabrosa said...

Hi, I've read your blog and I really like it, mostly since I started a blog, like you did, about my weight lost. Could you help me with the Ticker thingy? cause I've tried to put one of those on my blog to track my weight lost(wich by the way has the same template as yours) and I can't put it. Do you think you could help me, you could leave a message in my blog if you like. Keep up with the good job!!!

miss*R said...

I love those little green glasses & that chalkware bird! a bargain! I love chalkware.

kitkatbahr said...

Wow! You got some great deals.I LOVE that chalkware bird. Very cool.

I love Princess House too. Especially the Fantasia line. I loved it so much I just started selling it two weeks ago. If you would like a catalog, I can send you one - no obligation. The new one is out right now.

Because I am brand new, I can also offer you some cool hostess specials if you are interested in doing a book party. As a newbie, we have specials that the other reps cannot offer. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know a free catalog is available if you are interested.

Also to tell you what a cool find that bird is. I've not seen one like that before.

Congrats on your weightloss efforts.

Kathy Bahr
Princess House Lifestyle Consultant


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