Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh My SWEET Chocolately GOODNESS!!!

Look what arrived yesterday evening!!! The UPS lady deposited this HUGE box on my doorstep yesterday....what could It be I wondered?? I had ordered some makeup supplies but I knew it was way too soon for those to have come?.....did hubby order some car parts I didn't know about??? I mean I WAS expecting my chooclate swap box to arrive soemtime soon ..but surely it couldn't be was WAY TOO BIG!!!

but it WAS!!!!!Oh my!! Rosa just spoiled me rotten!!!!

Look at all this great stuff.........Here's a little Peek: Inside this Gorgeous Hatbox
Take a look inside: A scrumptious Chocolate cookbook!! You should see the recipes inside...I want to make them ALL!! Right NOW!! Some cocoa powder.....some Hot chocolate mix with chunks of chocolate in it...two boxes of truffles..and Nonpareils..... I LOVE nonpareils.........also a huge hot chocolate mug...and four beautiful dishcloths....the one open and dislpayed has aplique and embroiderie...everything was soo beautifully packaged ...all wrapped in tissue with pretty brown ribbons tied around...Thank YOU soooo much Rosa @ I am enjoying a nice cup of Hot Chocolate and a couple nonpareils while I blog this entry...

1 comment:

Rosa said...

Oh good! I am so glad it arrived safely. I've been so worried about the heat in the trucks and such. It's now hot here AGAIN, so I'm glad I got it off when I did. I am so happy you like everything. Enjoy!! xo


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