Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Senior Social-Drama Teen and her "Date"..LOL

This weekend was also Senior Social..Drama Teen hadn't planned on going...she was going to have a party here instead...but one of her Best Friends had her date back out at the last moment...so Drama Teen went with her instead( what a good friend she is don't you think) They decided to play it up and have Britt dress as the 'boy"....actually she was going to dress much more boyish but they decided to do this cute look instead.....afterwards they came over to the house to go along with the party she had origionally planned...they brought stragglers along...and few of the orgionally invited guests came as well....they ALL got a kick out of my Apron collection and it put them in the mood to bake..so I let them make Poineer Woman's Cookies------->.The Pioneer Woman Cooks! » Cookie Dough and Candy: What Could Possibly Be Wron

After all that , they retired to the LivingRoom for an exciting game of Apples to Apples...My two older sons even joined in and had a great time with the teens...

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