Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A loooong time ago I mentioned that I was a Rep. for a company named mark. I had a link to the company website on my old Blog layout...but when I switched to this one I lost it...I've updated by links and added my Store( I now have an actual Store to link to) I really like mark. It's a sister company to's mainly geared towards the younger set but a lot of their stuff is really sophisticated and fashionable IMO...Personally Avon tends to be too 'matronly" , for me anyway. I've gotten more compliments from friends and strangers on my mark. items than with any other brand.

I wear two different mark. scents depending on my mood for the day.

My absolute favorite is Karmala, a peaceful exotic scent. I get compliments EVERY time I wear this. At $20 for a bottle it's a really great deal. I've worn some of the expensive 'designer" scents. And NEVER gotten the compliments I get with this one. People are always asking me what scent I'm wearing because I smell sooooo good. I almost hate to tell them they can buy it from me as it's really become my 'signature" scent.

The other scent I like is Bohista. I wear this one when I'm feeling more casual and bohemian. I also get a lot of compliments when wearing this one, although not as many as with the Karmala.

mark. also carries some of the cutest handbags. This one is my latest , and again I have gotten quite a few compliments. I have it in the bright blue and it is striking, and only $26 bucks! It looks WAY more expensive!

Every once in a while they have a really smart piece of Jewelry. I Necklace and it is one of my favorites and YES I get complimented on it( can you see why I like this company sooo much..LOL) . This would set one back $18.00.

The thing I like most about this company is that although the products are inexpensive , they don't 'look' it. They have a real 'designer" look to them. I live in a relatively affluent neighborhood with women who wouldn't think twice to spend thousands on a piece of jewelry and these same women are constantly complimenting me and asking where I buy my Jewelry.

Anyway if you're interested in seeing more head on over to my store:
Maggii's mark. Store

edit: I forgot to mention ... with the necklace up there....the beaded sections actually detach and can be worn as two bracelets and you can still wear the necklace as a shorter version! How cool is that!

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