Monday, January 21, 2008

What I wore To Church On Sunday

We got snow it was c-c-c-c-c-c-c-old.......

Red Ribbed Turtle- Walmart this winter

Grey Knit Pleated Skirt- SteinMart

Grey Cabled Sweater-Old Navy( I LOVE this sweater)

Black Wool tights_can't remember

Black Suede Boots-LEI three years ago

Later in the afternoon the Commander and I went to help set up for the Drama Queen's(ie.teenager's) High School Chorus's Pancake Breakfast. The Commander was put to work with another gentleman slicing frozen sausage. After about an hour of slicing, their hands were practically frost bitten. I spent most of my time there forming small sausages from the thawed sausage they also had. The kids( ie.teens) who came to help were put to work wrapping plastic silverware, and setting up tables with placemats and such.

The actual Breakfast was this morning. We always do this Breakfast on Martin Luther King , Jr. Day . It's a fundraiser for the Chorus Students going on Spring Trip(which the drama queen has decided to not to do this will interfere with Sound of Music rehearsals). So we were all up Bright and Early( no sleeping in for us this morning). I spent the morning Serving guests with a cheerful smile and the Commander was on Pancake Patrol.

Hmmnn, the Commander weilding a spatula. Not something you see least not without a BBQ Grill in the vicinity..LOL

Here is the Drama Queen doing what one of the things she does best...

the Choral students Provide entertainment with your Pancake and Sausage's well worth the $5.00 charge!

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