Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last night Brittney and Josh performed in a "Night of One Acts" ...two short plays...Josh was in one ...Britt was in the other. Britt's is being performed today at the VHSLs ( Virginia High School League 0f Athletics and Academics) Her drama teacher is confident that they might actually have a chance of winning or at least placing this year.

Britt's is called Sargeant Peter Bests Lonely Hearts Club Band Syndrome. Peter Best was the origional drummer for the Beatles BEFORE they became the Beatles. He didn't think the band was 'going anywhere" so he quit right before they hit it BIG. The jist of the play is about taking opportunities when they present themselves so you don't regret it and kick yourself for missing out on success in the future.

A group of girls are competing for a scholarship from Seventeen Magazine. Then in walks a young man who has also chosen to apply. His dream is to be a writer and he doesn't want to miss out on an opportunity to realize that dream..even if it means entering a 'girls' contest. Most of the play is about the dynamics between 5 VERY different girls and 1 boy. Britt got to play the anti-social Emo misfit. The dynamics between her and the Southern Belle Pageant Queen are hilarious. Overall it was a really cute, funny play. They had us rolling in the Aisles.

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