Monday, January 14, 2008

Knights of Columbus Event

On Saturday the Commander had a Knights of Columbus Event to attend in Hampton. There were meetings for him all day, and then a Dinner Dance that evening, and more meetings for him the next morning. He drove up with a fellow Knight that Saturday morning, and I drove up later that afternoon to attend the Dinner Dance with him and stay overnight at the Hotel.

Here I am trying to get a Picture of my Outfit for wardrobe_remix :

BRown and Black floral Print Dress- Dressbarn( bought it when I bought the other one for the Wedding)

Black opaque tights( not sure ..had them a while)

Shoes- Brown Patent Leather-Steve Madden ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!-NEW TJ maxx

Tried to snap a Pic of the Two of us at the Dinner:

These never turn out quite right...LOL

Ike and Tina?

Overall it was a pretty fun night. I even got the Commander to dance once or twice. Actually he 'owed' me, as he ended up volunteering me to drive our Priest to church back at Home, early the next morning, when I had planned on sleeping in and having a leisurely morning at the Hotel while he attended his meetings.

Our Priest is 88 years old and broke his leg almost two years ago...he is not supposed to drive, as he doesn't have complete use of his leg anymore( not to mention he just isn't as alert these days and falls asleep easily). I guess he drove himself to this event, and was planning on driving himself back home that night after the Dinner. There's just no way we could allow him to do that. It's at least a 1 hour drive and like I said he's really not supposed to be driving. We have a system set up, thru our church, to have different people drive him around to the places he needs to be. So the Commander convinced him to stay overnight at the Hotel with us, and I drove him straight to church the next morning.

We had a nice Breakfast before leaving and it was a pleasant Drive back. He decided to say the Rosary while we drove.( I didn't think I was THAT bad of a driver..LOL) Like I mentioned earlier though, he has this habit of falling alseep easily and at any moment. So, he's saying the Rosary, and every so often he would nod off for a few minutes, then he'd wake up and just pick right up where he left off. It was kindof Cute. At one point he woke up said about two lines of the Hail Mary and nodded off again..LOL. Needless to say he managed to get thru the whole Rosary just as we drove up to the Chapel.

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