Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday Night

The Commander and I had a Knights of Columbus Dinner to attend Saturday was a Potluck and we were supposed to make an entre.....I made this really Awesome Chicken /Broccoli Casserole....the Commander had a busy day though...He spent most of the day up at Poor Clares( a monestary up North) doing some construction handyman stuff for the Nuns...A few other men from Our church went with him....and then he had Civic Choir Practice after that.....sooo....we ended up being VERY late for the we MISSED Dinner....we had a little Dessert....and I brought my casserole back home....Dinner for Sunday..LOL

Here is what I wore to the Dinner:

Red Wool Jumper-Target-bought this last fall

Black Ribbed Turtle- Walmart last year

black wool tights-not sure...

Black Sandals-Walmart last summer

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