Monday, January 07, 2008

What I Wore

My closet is FULL of clothes....clothes I rarely wear...some I never most people I only wear maybe 20% of my clothes and shoes.....most of mine are collecting dust....yet I still buy more....lately I've been becoming a bit of a in stretchy sweats and baggy sweaters....and all those cute clothes just sit there in my closet I'm challenging myself to start wearing them and break out of this's wear them or get rid of here's what I wore this weekend......

I wore this to the Wedding on Saturday...this is actually a new dress I bought for the Wedding...I got it at DressBarn....the shoes I bought this fall at Kohls..they are Simply Vera Wang

I wore this to Church on Sunday....ribbed turlteneck bought last year at Wal-Mart...houndstooth skirt bought for Christmas at Target( I wore it with a bright Green Turtle for Christmas Mass) the same Simply Vera from SaturdayToday:New top bought at Wal-Mart ....Levi's Signature Jeans two or three years old...( wear these ALL the time..I have two or three pair) from suede mary janes

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