Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Before and After

In accordance with Operation " get the house ready to sell" ...we FINALLY gotten around to replacing our refridgerator....I have lived with this Dinosaur for 11 years...and it was JUST as UGLY then( serioously the pic doesn't do it justice it is WAY uglier in person..LOL) ....but worked and we aren't the type who replace perfectly fine appliances just for 'looks" the spirit of wanting to sell our home we realize that things DO need to 'look' good so we decided to finally replace it I'm the owner of a nice shiny new Black Indoor Beverage system Refridgerator!!! Yee Ha !

And Just for you nosy buggers who always have to see the INSIDE of people's fridges here you go...enjoy it will never look this organized( not that I'm saying it's organized NOW or anything)again......

our next step in the kitchen will be replacing the countertops( probably a darker granite 'looking" countertop...I'd love actual granite, but I'm not willing to spend that much on something I'll only have for a few months possibly) and ripping the wallpaper down and painting the walls.

Oh and BTW we are keeping the old will go in the garage for extra storage...or to use for parties and such.( store sodas and beer etc etc...)

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