Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fallen Behind

I've gotten behind in my blogging I have so much that needs to be blogged....starting with.....Laura awarding me with this award:

Aw thanks Laura!!!!

Now I need to award it to my ten bloggers I feel are "Excellent"...Like Laura there are lot let's see if I can Narrow it down....of course I'd award
Laura if she hadn't already been awarded...

so here's my list in no particular order because I really like you all for all kinds of different reasons...

1. There's Laurie over at
Romance and Roses I like to stop over there from time to time to see how the House is coming along...she lost her home to Katrina and is finally moving in to their newly built home! I have a soft spot for her as My family lives in the same area ( although luckily none lost their homes).

BooMama, I love her blog and have been reading it for awhile....I enjoy her Tour of Homes.

3. Ashley over at
Ashley's Closet this girl is HILARIOUS!! You have to go over and read her stuff....better than Dooce IMO. I'm sure she'll appreciate that compliment. LOL I'm sure she'll be excited over getting an AWARD( if you read her site you'll see what I mean) although she'll probably be pissed I didn't list her 1st..LOL

4.then there's
Life With Hannah and Lily , I found this one right after the untimely death of her young daughter Hannah and it just tore at my heartstrings. She's come thru it with Strength and Faith and I just find her to be such an inspiration.

5. and also
Nitty Gritty who also lost her young daughter in a horrible accident a few years's inspirational how she has kept her family together thru a crisis. and made it thru with her Faith in God intact.

6. Kerry over at
More, More, More. I love her Style and wish I had her life..LOL

7. I've been Readin
Posy Gets Cosy for quite a while and think it's awesome how 'famous' Alicia is getting ...I keep seeing her in all my favorite magazines...and think how cool is that...I already knew about her...LOL

8. Lately I've been really into French bloggers...I can't hardly understand most of what they write, but LOVE looking at their blogs and seeing their fashion and decor... this one is my favorite...
Lao sur la Colline ....her kids are too adorable.

9. A recent find that I really like is
Sustainable Style ..I like the way she thinks although I don't think I could do it..I kinda like my 'McMansion" thank you very much...LOL...I still like the way she thinks though.

10. and Last but not least, I think I've been reading this blogger the longest. and have always liked the way she thinks too. Lisa at
Wordy Diva.. I started reading her way back when she was Madame Insane, then she switched to something else ..then seemed to drop off the face of the earth and just recently I found her again at Wordy Diva ....YEAH!!

Actually there are sooooo many more that I lOVE to read and if I have time later maybe I'll add a few Honorable mentions or was so hard to decide which one's to award.

One thing I KNOW I need to do is update my sidebar...all of these bloggers should be over there and at least one should probably be removed...I've always like Homakerang....but as she went private a while back I can't read her anymore..and I have no idea how to contact her to even ask to be invited....last time I was able to read her she was expecting a baby...which she's probably had by now...hopefully everything went ok. If I were still able to read her she probably would have been one of my picks for the Excellence Award.


Kerry said...

girlfriend - you just made my night!!

Maggii said...

aw cool!!

lao said...

oh!!! thank you so much for your sweet words;-) I am very moved! see you soon!

Alicia P. said...

Thank you Maggii -- that's very kind. Thank you. xo, a


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