Friday, February 08, 2008

almost an after....

but not quite.....I still need to mop the floors and move the china Cabinet back into place and figure out how I'm going to arrange things in it again. I've gotten rid of some of the things I was displaying in it..and I've decided to start using some of it as my everyday I need to come up with a whole new 'display" inside the cabinet, and don't know exactly what I want to do.
I had a hard time capturing the true color or should I say lack of color..LOL on these walls...if you look closely the bottom is slightly darker than the top....we are trying to go with pale neutral colors to appeal to buyer of all kinds. At first I kindof balked( ok sortof threw a fit) at going soooo pale.( although Dh wanted all WHITE and I finally talked him into a softer IVORY) You'd have to see the rest of my walls to I'm kindof liking the pale and don't tell the Commander, but I had been secretly wanting to go pale for a while anyway...I think I just argued for the sake of arguing...LOL
The tile floor we did a LONG time ago when we first moved into the house.. it was our first real project .

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