Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Valentines

We did go out to visit with Father at the Hospital. It was a really nice visit...he looked very good and was in great spirits. He really seemed to enjoy us being there. We got to visit with his Sister who is here to help him as he gets better. They are planning to keep him in the hospital at least thru the weekend, just to keep an eye on him, make sure he rests and give his lungs a chance to clear. I really enjoy spending time with him, he has seen so much and experienced so much. He's a wealth of information. He's LIVED History!

Afterwards the Commander took me to Dinner. He wanted to take me to this really great Italian Place he had been to called G No's Pizza( it's supposed to be WAY more than a Pizzeria..he'd had a 5 course meal when he went). We passed it on the way to the hospital. But when we got there he didn't think it was the same place. It looked different than the one he'd been to , so we went to Warriors Grill Mongolian Barbeque instead.

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Laura said...

Oh, I love Mongolian Grille! The food is so fresh and tasty - we might just have to go there sometime soon, now I'll be craving it! ;-)

(Sorry I've not visited in a while - my computer is acting funky and won't let me go directly to most blogs - only to Google Reader. And it absolutely abhors comment boxes - if I try to leave one, it shuts down the internet completely!)


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