Thursday, February 14, 2008

Father Richardson

Our priest Father Richardson turned 89 years old on Ash Wednesday. Last Sunday we had a Birthday Celebration for him after Mass... our Womens' Group presented him with a special Banner the Chapel. "Lead Me Lord" is one of his Favorite Hymns. We sing it at Mass often.

Unfortunately on Tuesday he was Rushed to VA Beach General Hospital. He had been under the weather all last week with a cold and a cough. Turns out he has pneumonia. They say he is doing well. Please keep him in your Prayers. The Commander thought it would be nice if we went to see him tonight.. what better way to spend Valentine's than with a man whose whole congregation adores him. He is the nicest , sweetest, person I've ever known. I was touched that the Commander wanted us to go tonight and couldn't think of a better gift for us and for Father. The Commander has also offered to take me to Dinner afterwards...

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