Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

So today was Ash Wednesday and as a Catholic so starts the Lenten season. We are supposed to Fast and Abstain today and on Fridays during Lent. I did fine today. Didn't forget and eat meat. I almost forgot but remembered just in time.

But...we are also supposed to 'give something up" ...and every year I just can never decide what? So here it is the first day of Lent and I haven't come up with anything. Every year I say magazines and every year I just can't hold to it, so I really don't want to say that this year, as I'm sure I'll fail.

I could give up chocolate or something( a common standby)...but I really don't eat it often enough for it to really be a sacrifice...yes I know....that's sacrilege.. a woman who doesn't eat much chocolate....LOL...

I could give up all unnecessary shopping ..but where do I draw the line on that..what exactly would be unnecessary...and how will I buy my really cute Easter Outfit if I can't shop for it during Lent. Or maybe I can make an exception? or buy it on Saturday since Lent supposedly officially ends at noon on the Saturday before Easter.

Or maybe soda...but I rarely drink it anymore anyway annnndddd...I just bought two liters of diet Sprite which no one else will it will get wasted...the only other family member who would drink it is the Drama Teen who gave up 'soda'..LOL...

I could give up arguing with the Commander..but I have a feeling I'll totally forget all about THAT one by tomorrow..LOL

I think I'm just a REALLY selfish person......oh well......I'll keep thinking about it and maybe by Easter I'll have come up with something.

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